Terms and conditionsGTC

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of any accommodation provided, and services rendered by the Provider.

The individual terms and conditions shall be specified in a particular Services Agreement or Cooperation Agreement signed between the Provider and the relevant travel agent, tour operator, Guest, etc., as applicable.


Validity period: 07.11.2019


name: Fundus Invest Kft.

legal seat: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, József Attila u. 5-7.

company registry number: 22990136-2-09

VAT No.: 22990136-2-09

authorised representative: Éva Czene, Managing Director

phone number: +36 21 3500 222

fax: +36 52 362 059

e-mail address: info@villacuvee.hu



The Services rendered by the Provider are used by the Guests.

If the Services are booked by the Guest directly with the Provider, the relevant Guest shall be deemed to be the Contracting Party. Provided that the pre-conditions are met, the Provider and the Guest become the Contracting Parties (hereinafter referred to as the “Parties”).

If the Services are booked by a third party on behalf of the Guest (hereinafter referred to as an “Agent”) towards the Provider, the detailed terms and conditions of such cooperation shall be as set forth by the individual Agreement signed between the Provider and the relevant Agent. If this is the case, the Provider shall have no obligation to investigate, whether such third party is a legitimate representative of the Guest or not.


Bookings must be submitted to the given accommodation provider in writing (via fax, e-mail, etc.). The contact details of the given accommodation can be found in the publications and brochures issued by the given accommodation provider, or found at the http://villacuvee.zadir.hu/ website.

The Booking has to specify the Guest’s name, address, the exact date and timing of check-in and check-out, the room type, and the exact specification of the Services to be used (food, program).
When placing the Booking, the exact building, the category and type of room desired must be specified.
The accommodation provider will confirm all Bookings received in writing (via fax or e-mail).

The relevant Agreement shall be deemed to be created when the Booking is made by the Guest in writing, with a corresponding written confirmation having been sent by the Provider, and shall be deemed to be a written Agreement.

Any booking or agreement made verbally, or any amendment to the same, or any verbal confirmation to the same by the Provider shall not be considered to be a proper contract.

All Quotes made by Fundus Invest Kft. - except for the daily room rates listed - shall be deemed to be meant for up to a certain total number of rooms being available to the Guests.

The Guests undertake to duly notify the given accommodation provider in writing about any potential cancelation, modification or changes made to the Services ordered, prior to relevant Services start being used.

The Agreement made for the use of the Provider’s Services is for a pre-specified time period.

If the Guest wishes to extend the use of the Provider’s Services, this shall be subject to the Provider’s prior approval granted. In such case, the Provider shall be entitled to request that the fees for the already provided part of the Services are first paid.

For any modification and/or addition to the Agreement, the Parties’ written agreement is needed.


For individual Bookings:

Group Bookings (10 or more Guests) can be cancelled 7 days prior to the proposed check-in time, without contractual penalty applied, except for New Year’s Eve packages. If the Booking is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the check-in time, or in case of a no show, the Hotel will handle the pre-payment made as a contractual penalty payment, and if a bank card deposit was provided, the deposit amount will be charged to the card.

If a Booking is made within the applicable cancelation period, as specified above, no cancellation of the Booking is possible, without a contractual penalty obligation.

Check-in time is between 2 - 8 pm on the arrival day, and check-out time is 10 am on departure day. Please, kindly note that that arrival is not possible after 8 p.m.!

Early check-in or late check-out is possible subject to availability, and prior consultation with the Accommodation, for an extra charge. In the time period between 23 December to 1 January no early check-in is possible, due to high occupancy.




early check-in, prior to 7 am

whole night rate (for previous night) shall apply


early check-in, from 7 am to 10 am

HUF 4,500 per room


early check-in, from 10 am to 2 pm

HUF 2,000 per room



late check-out until 3 pm

HUF 2,000 per room

late check-out until 6 pm

HUF 4,500 per room



The counter value payable for the Services ordered can be paid via bank transfer, or in cash or by bank card on-site.

Fundus Invest Kft. retains the right to request a Security Deposit payment to be made by the Guest, prior to start using the Accommodation services ordered, or by not later than check-in.
If the payment is made by bank transfer - and unless otherwise specified in the individual agreement signed with the Accommodation or the booking agent - the counter value for the Services ordered shall be transferred by the Guest, and duly credited at the Accommodation’s bank account prior to check-in time.



Bank’s name:

Raiffeisen Bank

Bank account number (EUR):

12052705 - 01242380 - 00200004


HU81 1205 2705 0124 2380 0020 0004

SWIFT code:


When you make a bank transfer, please always indicate the booking number stipulated on the Accommodation’s confirmation sent, in the relevant comment section.

Please note that the Accommodation is only able to issue the final invoice to the same name and address indicated on the pre-payment invoice issued. If you wish to receive an invoice stipulating a corporate name, please indicate such request upon Booking, as you will need to request the pre-payment invoice to be issued to the same name.



Upon any Booking being made, the Hotel will always ask for a Security Deposit to be made, in the form of pre-payment, or by supplying your bank card details.

For individual Bookings:

When a Booking is made by a travel agent, the pre-payment shall be 100% of the total reservation amount, minus the applicable agency commission. The Hotel’s written confirmation on the Booking shall enter into force when the Security Deposit requested is received, or has been secured on the Guest’s bank card, by the due deadline indicated on the related pro-forma invoice sent, or by not later than 3 pm on the last business day prior to check-in time.

For same-day Bookings, the total reservation fee shall be payable upon check-in, in advance, at the Reception.



All prices published by Fundus Invest Kft. are inclusive of the mandatory VAT, as applicable by the law, prevailing as at the time of printing the relevant publication.  

However, the prices are exclusive of the applicable Tourism Tax (“IFA”) payable, which shall be HUF 400 per person, per night, and which shall be payable for Guests older than 18 years, upon check-in, except for any special Quote made by Fundus Invest Kft., in which it is stated  that “the prices indicated are inclusive of the applicable Tourism Tax”.

Fundus Invest Kft. retains the right to change the prices.

The actual prices to be applied will be confirmed by the Accommodation in the Booking confirmation sent. The prevailing Hotel rates are published at the Fundus Invest Kft. website, found at http://villacuvee.zadir.hu/ .

If the mandatory applicable VAT rate changes, the prices might change, without prior notification.

When a Booking is made for products made subject to specific pre-conditions, or for special events, or for more than 5 rooms (Group bookings), the Hotel might apply specific terms and conditions altering from the above, or a surcharge, in the related particular Agreement.



a) Kids benefits, family rooms:

No extra beds can be provided in the rooms unfortunately.

For families, we can provide rooms with 3-4 beds.

up to 3 years old

room shared with the parents, in a crib: NO FEE.

3 to 10 years old (till birthday)

50% discount from adult prices

10 to 14 years old (till birthday)

30% discount from adult prices

above 14

the adult rates shall apply

b) small pets (up to 15 kg weight)

No pet is allowed into the Accommodation premises.


c) Parking

Guest cars can be parked free-of-charge at the Villa premises (unguarded), and at the nearby street parking areas.

Parking right outside the Accommodation entrance is only possible upon arrival, for a short interval (max. 20 mins), for security reasons. The Hotel refuses to take any liability for any possible damage occurring to the vehicles parked.



If the Guests have any complaint, due to their stay at the Hotel, the Guest can file a written complaint prior to his/her check-out, at the reception. Once the Guest has left the Hotel premises, the right to file a complaint is terminated.

The Hotel shall be obliged to investigate all complaints received within 5 days, and to send a meaningful reply.



The Provider shall be entitled to terminate the accommodation provider services Agreement with an immediate effect, and to refuse rendering the Services, in the following cases:



Pursuant to the Agreement, the Guest shall be entitled to use the room ordered, and the Accommodation facilities, which belong to the usual scope of services provided, and not made subject to special pre-conditions set, in a way in line with their intended use.

The Contracting Party shall be obliged to pay the counter value for all Services rendered in the Agreement by the due deadline set.

The Guest shall not carry any food or beverages from outside sources into the Hotel restaurant facilities.



The Provider shall be entitled to receive the counter value due for the Services ordered and used by the Guests.

The Provider shall be obliged to render the accommodation provider services and other services ordered, in full alignment with the applicable rules and standards.


The Accommodation shall be liable for any damages it has caused, in line with the applicable laws.

The Accommodation shall solely be liable for any damage occurring to any valuable assets, securities or cash, if they were provided to the Accommodation for being deposited, and the Accommodation has expressly taken them over to be safeguarded, or has refused to do so.

The Provider’s liability shall not cover any damages occurring due to any unavoidable reason, falling outside the scope of control of the Provider, its employees, and the Guests, or which were caused by the Guest himself/herself.

If the Guest did not file a complaint while within the Hotel premises, no indemnification claim can later on be submitted.

The Guest shall be liable for all damages caused by the Guest, his/her own companion, or any other person falling under the Guest’s own scope of liability, to the Provider, or to any third party. This liability shall be valid, even if the damaged third party has the right to submit an indemnification claim directly against the Provider as well.


The Provider shall proceed in line with the applicable Privacy Policy.



If any reason or circumstances arise (such as war, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, electricity supply cut, strike), which falls outside the control of the given Party (a Force Majeure event), any of the Parties shall be relieved from the obligation to fulfil its contractual obligations, while such reason or circumstances persist.  The Parties agree to do their best to minimise the possibility for such reasons and circumstances to arise, and to provide remedy for any damage or delay caused, as a result, as soon as practicable.



The legal relationship existing between the Provider and the Contracting Party shall be governed by the local laws. For any potential legal dispute arising out of the Services Agreement, the regular court having a territorial scope according to the location of rendering the Services shall have jurisdiction.

The Guest hereby declares that he/she has duly learned the contents of these General Terms and Conditions, and duly acknowledges the same.

Egerszalók, 07.11.2019

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